The 30 Second Observation


We constantly judge each other based on a 30 second observation.

The mom in Walmart, whose two year old is screeching like a banshee, “she must not discipline him.” The little girl in your daughters class with messy hair, “poor girl, her mom must be a lazy slob.” That woman who just yelled at her kids in the middle of the grocery store, “what a horrible mom.”

We’ve all been there, we have all had these judgmental thoughts. Whether we voiced them or not, we thought them. That 2 year old boy in Walmart could have Autism for all you know. The little girl with messy hair in your daughters class, her mom could be dealing the loss of a loved one and is just trying to maintain composure for her baby. People forget sometimes, especially when they’re grieving. You don’t know that woman yelling at her kids in the grocery store either, maybe her husband just left her.  Now she’s left to care for those children alone, she might be scared and stressed. We all have our weak moments, being a mother is super stressful.

So remember the next time that 30 second observation begins, have an open mind. Remember that you don’t know the whole story, and you don’t know what that woman faces every day. She could be breaking down inside and using the last of her strength just to be a mom. We’re all doing our best. As long as a child is fed, happy, healthy, and has a roof over their head, that mom is doing exactly what she needs to be doing. Thumbs up mom !


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