Launching a Modeling Career While Changing Dirty Diapers


I’ve dreamt about becoming a model since I was little. I finally decided to start in 2014 when I was 21, which is also the year I got pregnant.

My first job was at the Milano Official Grand Opening. It was a weekend long thing so I was super busy, I walked my first run way the night of the opening. I sat for 9 hours in hair and make up, came out looking like a completely different person. It was a very exciting first taste of the modeling world, even better the grand opening was featured in Salon Magazine October 2014 issue. There were a few little photos with the piece written on Milano, one of which me and all the rest of the models were in! Even though it wasn’t a huge publication it was my first, and I was over the moon excited.

Being so happy and absorbed about the kick start of my modeling career I hadn’t realized I missed my monthly pal. Now a few months prior to this I had miscarried and it was very hard on my boyfriend and I, as we WERE trying for a baby. I was at a loss for words, this was what we had been waiting for. We were going to be parents! It was great news. A little while after we found out I booked my first official paid photo shoot. It was with modDOLLS Everyday Women, I enjoyed it. It was a very fun experience and I was lucky to get a kind, professional photographer who gave me amazing directions. I didn’t have my make up done or hair, I did them myself, it was my first photo shoot so I wasn’t too sure how things were supposed to be done.

I like the photos, but looking back on them today I can tell it was my first time and I didn’t have much experience. Which is okay! We all need to start somewhere and learn from our mistakes.

After that photo shoot I went off the modeling grid for a while until my little one was a few months old. It was a difficult birth and they had to do an emergency C-section, so healing took a little longer. I was also unable to change my blonde hair back to dark brown while pregnant, so I did not want to model with my hair looking the way it did. On my very first mothers day, my mom took me out to get it fixed! I was finally ready to get back on the horse and continue doing what I truly love.

Now I book shoots on Saturday’s and Sunday’s here and there, while raising my daughter. If you want to be a model you can’t just step on the scene and say “here I am, pay me, I am great.” Cause that’s not true, in this industry everyone has to start somewhere. You need a portfolio before you can go out and book paid jobs. I have been building my portfolio for the past 2 years approximately by doing as many TFP (trade for print) photo shoots as possible. Which is very hard when you are a mother with no license.. Lucky for me I have a grandfather who lives close and doesn’t have much to do on the weekends, and I pay him travel expenses of course.

Since I have started building my portfolio I’ve been featured in 3 more magazines. A 3 page spread published in Femme Rebelle October 2016 issue. Also another 3 page spread, this time in Femme Modern February 2017 issue. Then most recently again in Femme Modern March 2017 issue. I am very proud of my accomplishments, and I’ve come a long way. The other day I read a comment online made by another model saying something like; “I’m glad I waited to have kids or I would have never been able to do what I do.”

I’m here today to say, ignore comments like that. Whatever your goals, dreams, aspirations, you CAN do them even if you’re a mom. Being a mother should not define our limits to be great. Who else are your kids going to learn from when it comes to following their dreams? Whatever it is whether it be modeling, singing, acting, teaching, maybe even politics.



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