An open letter to the people who haven’t got to know my children.

To whom it may concern, (and you know who you are)

This letter is to the people who said they would be there. Who told me they couldn’t wait to meet my children, or how they would call them Auntie or Uncle. To the people who made plans to come see them but never showed. To the ones who I thought would always be apart of our lives.

Part of me wants to be angry, maybe hurt a little when I realize that may never happen. I want to be sad for my children who may never have you in their lives. But when I think about it, the only person who should be sad is you.

You should be sad that you will miss them laugh and say their first words. Take their first steps and their first birthday. Watching them play sports and arrive at their first day of school. You will miss major achievements and graduations. You will miss their hugs and kisses. Their first relationship and one day their wedding. You will miss all the firsts that they ever encounter and for that I am sad for you.

I will never beg you to be apart of my children’s lives. They have many people who love and care for them. My children’s lives will be great either way! It’s up to you whether or not you want to be apart of that.

People are busy. People will always be busy. We all have our own lives and believe me when I say this, I do understand that! People are busy trying to juggle family, friendships, work and even just time for themselves.. We all are. But time doesn’t slow down. Children grow up too fast.

So to the people who haven’t got to know my children, I am sorry. I am sorry that you are missing such a wonderful thing.


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