Giving Birth Hurts-Recovery Hurts.

Today I scrolled upon a post that had people commenting about which form of delivery is best. Men and women commented with what they thought was better, some comments were rude, others truthful. But it really got me thinking…

Does having a c-section or natural birth make you any more or less of a mother?
Does either make you less prone to make parenting mistakes?
Does having a c-section mean you’re “taking the easy way out”?
Should a woman be considered “stronger” because she gave birth naturally?

The answer to all of these questions is NO!

Being someone who has been down both paths. Experienced the positives and negatives of both. There is no thought needed to answer these questions.

How you give birth has nothing to do with how great you are as a mother. You will make mistakes no matter what, and that is okay as long as you learn from them! There is no “easy way out” when it comes to giving birth. It’s going to be tough no matter how you do it, but the end results are so beautiful and worth it. Every woman is strong because at the end of the day we are giving life to these little tiny humans and protecting them and raising them and teaching them everything we know.

It won’t matter what route you take, there will always be horror stories.

After going through both I could not choose again based on experience.. Because it doesn’t matter which way it happens, no birth will be the same. Every experience will be different.

Labours are long-They are short
Women need drugs-Women go natural
Giving birth hurts-Recovery hurts

It doesn’t matter how you have your child as long as they are healthy. We are all moms, learning how to be the best we can be everyday. People need to stop wasting time trying to figure out which way is “easier” or which way is more “real” and start seeing how amazing these beautiful babies are and how lucky we are to have them!


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